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Prerolled Cone & Rolling Paper: Which is Right for you?

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

High quality papers will always smoke good whether they are prerolled or manually rolled. Prerolled Cones and Rolling Papers are like brothers, they come from the same parent but have different personalities. Some users prefer to experience the process of rolling while other users prefer the convenience of having the papers prerolled and ready to pack. Below I explain 3 reasons why prerolled cones or rolling papers might be better for you.

  1. Difficulty: Rolling a paper into a cone requires some expertise that can only be attained and mastered through experience, there are many elaborate steps that need to be done the correct way for the cone to be enjoyable for smoking. Pre-rolled cones come ready to pack and smoke, the ease of use means that practically anyone can produce perfect cones.

  2. Productivity: Rolling papers into cones is a lengthy process that may not always be convenient depending on the circumstance. The average user can complete 1 rolled cone for each 5 prerolled cones packed. When you find yourself in a group setting you may want to consider prerolled cones to be time efficient.

  3. Storage: Unrolled papers come stacked and take up small storage space compared to prerolled cones which take up more room. A 50 Pack of prerolled cones takes up around 6.5’’ x 3’’ in storage space compared to a 1200 Pack of rolling paper which takes up approximately 12.5‘’ x 10‘’ in storage space.

Prerolled cones and rolling papers both achieve the same goal which is an enjoyable smoking experience. To newbies who have no experience rolling the only logical choice is prerolled cones, rolling proper cones is an art that requires experience to accomplish correctly. If time efficiency is your goal then prerolled cones are for you. When it comes to storage efficiency the clear winner is rolling papers, they come nicely stacked and pressed for maximum storage capacity. Hopefully these facts will assist you in choosing the right paper type, the end goal will be to have an enjoyable smoking session.

Here are some of my top 5 recommendation for rerolled cones and rolling paper:

Prerolled Cone:

Rolling Paper:

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