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Pre-Rolled vs Rolling Paper

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

First time rolling cones? Then you might want to look into pro-rolled cones to smoke that tobacco medicinal herbs. Pre-rolled cones are easy to use and friendly to new comers. Rolling papers are good

  1. All you need to do is open the package.

  2. Pull out one of the pre-rolled cone from the container.

  3. Stuff the tobacco or medicinal herb into the pre-rolled cone.

  4. In order to tightly pack the tobacco or medical herb use a back of a pen to gently push the herd into the cone.

  5. One you are satisfied with the amount of tobacco or medicinal herb packed in the pre-rolled cone, just twist the opening to seal the cone. That’s it!

The steps are simple and easy. Anyone can do it. The benefits of using pre-rolled cones are for people who wants to quickly create their cone so they can relax by smoking it. Not only that if you use rolling papers you might waist tobacco or medicinal herbs because you failed at creating a cone. Some people are not capable in rolling cones because of their medical condition such as arthritis. Pre-rolled cones can be bought on many online stores such as Amazon and eBay. Not only that pre-rolled cones can be bought in different sizes.

Some recommendations are:

Now for the rolling papers. There are many benefits using rolling papers. They may take a little longer to create a perfect cone for you but with a little practice you will be able to create your own ideal cones. From the start you can decide what kind of size and shape cone you want to make. Rolling papers gives you the freedom of how small or big you want the cone to be and how much you want to be able to stuff it with tobacco or medicinal herbs.

When you start becoming good at rolling a standard shape cone you can even experiment and design your own unique cones. I have seen people create cones that is shape of an airplane. Here are some recommendation:

Check out our article that is coming out soon on simple guide on how to create a cone using rolling papers.

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